Diary of An Introvert
Diary of An Introvert
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Okay, I know there was that huge deal with Misha asking everyone not to leak TSA America but I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere that you can watch the entire thing online?  I’ve seen gifs of it on Tumblr so I figured it’s floating around somewhere. Any suggestions?


You’ve been blogging for a while.  Let’s stretch your necks!

To the leftimage

Now to the right…




And back to your right.


Feel the burn.


Almost done.


And now one last time, you can do it…


And now the right again.


Great job!!!!

07/06/14 (via incoloure)

(via lovesymdrone)

You don’t have that fire in your eyes anymore and you know it

If you have parents, friends, or family that actually give a shit about what happens to you, please stop fighting them and start appreciating them because not everyone has been that fortunate.  

to me there is nothing worse than getting up early on a cold morning.

A Ten Word Story by S.W.

Dreams of you haunt me more than any nightmare could.
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